Friday, 2 April 2010

10. My Book List.

Elliot Ewitt - Snaps - 2001 - there was one particular image in this book that I really liked. It was of an old man having a drink at a cafe. Except what made it so different from other images I have so far seen was that this image was part of a series. There were three images and I particularly liked that last one where he had gone and left his cup on the table.
Jeff Dunas - State Of The Blues - 1998 - I especially liked the portraits in this book. When I usually take a portrait image I turn it into black and white. Only once have a done a print in the darkroom and turned it into sepia. Looking through this book has inspired me to try out more sepia portraits.

Fay Goodwin - The Edge Of The Land - 1995
Joe Cornish - First Light - 2006 Richard Strong - Cornwall - 2003 - Looking at these books inspired me to go out and about and take images around Cornwall. I mean, we live in the most beautiful part of England and I wanted to go out and see what I could find.

Mario Testino - Let Me In - 2007 - Click the link on the book list.
Nadav Kander - Beauty's Nothing - 2001 - This book inspired me to take images around my home and was also the starting point for my portraits.
Tom Sulloms - AG:The Interjournals Of Photo Art And Practise - 1998 - There were a few images in this book that I really liked, all from the same series. There were images of a person in an area except the person was a dark out of focus figure.

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