Tuesday, 20 April 2010

12. My Evaluation

I have really enjoyed this project because of not having to write everything down in a sketchbook. It's much more laid back and easier/quicker to do because I'm typing up everything rather than writing it down. It's a lot easier to access, you just need a computer. You don't have to lug a sketchbook around all day, everyday. I also feel that it has been a lot more fitting with our generation (we seem to do everything on the computer). Luckily during this project I have not had the difficulty of having to fix the internet portal thing, I've always had internet connection. Usually my net goes wrong every so often for some stupid reason, but thankfully this hasn't happened in a while. I guess that would be the only draw back to the project that I can think of. You don't rely on electricity if you have a sketchbook.
I have enjoyed having to think of 6 different small projects to upload. That was really fun because I could focus on several different things at once, rather than just one.
If I had more time then I'm not really sure what I would change because I'm pretty much happy with the images I have produced. I probably could have done more for my contextuals though, and I probably shouldn't have continually spelt 'kind of' like 'kinda' and 'going to' like 'gonna' but I'm typing whatever I say in my head, word for word and this is my blog so I don't care ;)
I must admit, I didn't enjoy having to write up loads of things about my images. When I upload them onto something like Facebook I never write anything and I like the fact that I don't have to write anything.
I've found this site very easy to use. It was hard to use at first but after a few times of using it I found it was really simple. It's also really easy to make things simple and tidy. My sketchbooks are never in order or tidy...

Saturday, 3 April 2010

11. My Meanings And Their Meanings

I have come up with some ideas on my own but for a few weeks worth of photographs I have been greatly inspired by such photographers as: Nadav Kander, Daido Moriyama, Mario Testino and David Hockney.
Nadav Kander - For a lot of the portraits I have done I have always heavily manipulated them and I saw Kanders images and thought to myself 'I'd really like to do something like this'. The only thing that was slightly different was that none of my subjects wore make-up but some of Nadav Kanders subjects did.
Daido Moriyama - Just like Daido Moriyama tries to show another side to his home, I have tried to show another side to my home.
David Hockney - I tried to do the same thing as Hockney does, where he makes his subject appear to have several hands/feet etc. and I also succeeded at doing this :)
Ed Freeman - Ed Freeman enhances ordinary buildings so that they might be appreciated rather than going unnoticed. In my series of 'My Door To Door' I have tried to the same, except I have not manipulated my images in any way. For example, the image of the blue and yellow doors is a really nice image but I'm sure a lot of people have simply walked by them not taking any notice.

Friday, 2 April 2010

10. My Chosen Image

You can find my chosen image work by going onto 'Oh No, Not Another Portrait' and finding 'Daido Moriyama' on the Inspirations link. Alternatively click here.

10. My Book List.

Elliot Ewitt - Snaps - 2001 - there was one particular image in this book that I really liked. It was of an old man having a drink at a cafe. Except what made it so different from other images I have so far seen was that this image was part of a series. There were three images and I particularly liked that last one where he had gone and left his cup on the table.
Jeff Dunas - State Of The Blues - 1998 - I especially liked the portraits in this book. When I usually take a portrait image I turn it into black and white. Only once have a done a print in the darkroom and turned it into sepia. Looking through this book has inspired me to try out more sepia portraits.

Fay Goodwin - The Edge Of The Land - 1995
Joe Cornish - First Light - 2006 Richard Strong - Cornwall - 2003 - Looking at these books inspired me to go out and about and take images around Cornwall. I mean, we live in the most beautiful part of England and I wanted to go out and see what I could find.

Mario Testino - Let Me In - 2007 - Click the link on the book list.
Nadav Kander - Beauty's Nothing - 2001 - This book inspired me to take images around my home and was also the starting point for my portraits.
Tom Sulloms - AG:The Interjournals Of Photo Art And Practise - 1998 - There were a few images in this book that I really liked, all from the same series. There were images of a person in an area except the person was a dark out of focus figure.