Sunday, 28 February 2010

2. Week One Went Sorta Like This.

Finally managed to upload one weeks worth.
My first group of photographs has been based around water. I took images of the sea, the foreshore, a river, a reservoir and a harbour. I think that the combination works very well together. It shows how we have manipulated water for our own use and also how it has control over us. For example, Crowdy Reservoir is where everyone in my area gets their water from and the river down at Vallency Valley has been widened due to previous flooding. Whereas, the sea controls when people visit St. Michaels Mount.
I have also uploaded some work in progress. Four under 'Landscapes' and three under 'From Door To Door'. I am planning to go to Port Isaac for more images on buildings as I probably won't go back to St. Ives any time soon.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

1. These Ideas That I Have.

The Brief:

At least five images, every week for the next six weeks.
Okay, so I have a few ideas but I haven't really planned them yet. Seeing as for all the other projects so far, I have always focused on Portraiture, I would like to explore Landscape. But I don't want this whole project to be based purely on the land. Haven't thought of a theme for people yet though.
Currently I have taken a few images at St. Ives, St. Michaels Mount, Tintagel and Padstow and am interested in making more from the same places.
Here are some rough ideas so far:

My Home
Out Of Focus
Portraits - basic ones, without all that make-up.

So let's get it started ;)