Tuesday, 20 April 2010

12. My Evaluation

I have really enjoyed this project because of not having to write everything down in a sketchbook. It's much more laid back and easier/quicker to do because I'm typing up everything rather than writing it down. It's a lot easier to access, you just need a computer. You don't have to lug a sketchbook around all day, everyday. I also feel that it has been a lot more fitting with our generation (we seem to do everything on the computer). Luckily during this project I have not had the difficulty of having to fix the internet portal thing, I've always had internet connection. Usually my net goes wrong every so often for some stupid reason, but thankfully this hasn't happened in a while. I guess that would be the only draw back to the project that I can think of. You don't rely on electricity if you have a sketchbook.
I have enjoyed having to think of 6 different small projects to upload. That was really fun because I could focus on several different things at once, rather than just one.
If I had more time then I'm not really sure what I would change because I'm pretty much happy with the images I have produced. I probably could have done more for my contextuals though, and I probably shouldn't have continually spelt 'kind of' like 'kinda' and 'going to' like 'gonna' but I'm typing whatever I say in my head, word for word and this is my blog so I don't care ;)
I must admit, I didn't enjoy having to write up loads of things about my images. When I upload them onto something like Facebook I never write anything and I like the fact that I don't have to write anything.
I've found this site very easy to use. It was hard to use at first but after a few times of using it I found it was really simple. It's also really easy to make things simple and tidy. My sketchbooks are never in order or tidy...

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