Tuesday, 30 March 2010

9. My Holga Film.

Okaaay, so I think there is a slight problem with my camera because my images keep being overlapped. Theres like a rattling coming from it and a little screw is missing that usually holds the film in. But apart from that my images have been developed and I am quite happy with the results. I'm planning on scanning them in some time tomorrow and then begin working on them later on in the day.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

8. Untitled.

Today wasn't very eventful. But I have managed to finish taking all the photographs I need to. I've finished taking my holga film which I will get processed tomorrow and then hopefully scan in on thursday. I also took enough photos to make two other joiners. I'm currently working on the one of Kat and Pepe but I have a feeling that that's gonna take me a while to finish. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow so fingers crossed :)
I thought that seeing as three of my joiners already have people in them I would do another one without any. So I stood in my room and went round and round in a circle taking photographs. I didn't move anything so it is quite messy, but oh well, I'm looking forward to joining it up! Aha, anyway the other one I did in my living room. No idea how that will turn out. I'm planning on starting and finishing these on wednesday. And, in the future I would be very interested in doing joiners again, maybe even for a whole project. It's kinda like making one big jigsaw puzzle.

Friday, 19 March 2010

7. And I Know It Sounds Lame.

But for the film week I've strangely decided to take photographs around my home.
I'm really interested to see how they have turned out. It doesn't sound all that interesting but I sorta figured 'well, I've done a week of houses you can't have a look inside of, why not take photos of a house you can look inside of'.

Oh yeah and I'm like half way through the film (which is a black and white medium format film) and I've got like 6 or so more photos to take. And I'm using my holga...That's about all I can think of right now.

6. My Weekend

Will probably going to consist of mostly photography...
So like, saturday I'm going round Lisa's to take more photographs for my flash film and then if I have time I might also take some photographs of her to make another joiner. That's the plan anyway. On sunday (hopefully) I plan to take photographs of Kat and Pepe to finish off my portrait week. I have a very strong feeling that Kat won't come because she will probably be ill...So if that happens then I will probably either work on my blog, work on my film or take more photographs for the joiner week. Either way, photographic things are gonna happen ;)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

5. It's been over a week.

Since I posted something here.
As the photos go I'm actually up to date still, but I really need to write about them. And write stuff about the meanings...For my portrait week I have asked all my models to not come wearing make-up. I'm like, going for that whole natural look rather than a great big beauty fest. I also have only got rid of really bad spots. I've left moles and all that jazz. It's just, spots aren't great. Besides, they come and go so it's not like I'm getting rid of anything that's permanent. I haven't dressed them up, they have all come wearing whatever they felt like putting on that morning. I also haven't used a white background for any of my subjects. I am planning on continuing this when I do another shoot over the weekend. I just felt like a change.

We've also started doing joiners. Since I did photography last year I have already been introduced to them, and I might even upload the one I did for AS. (That's if I can find it). Because I didn't really enjoy it the last time, I wasn't very keen on the idea of doing it again but I did it again anyway and have found that I really enjoyed putting it together. So...think I've found something else to do for a week.

Monday, 8 March 2010

4. Plans And That.

Hmmm, what to upload this week..
I'm probably going to work on the portraits for a while, and upload them on either the fifth or last week. I only need one more image for the Landscapes, but I think I'm also going to work on the out of focus idea and see how it goes. So, if it goes badly then I can just start off with something else. Simple.
So...Water, Landscapes, Portraits, Buildings and Out Of Focus. Five ideas, just need one more...Ahh well, got plenty of time will just have to keep my eye out.
Roads maybe?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

3. A Little Bit Extra.

Today I went to Port Isaac to try and add to one of my projects.
And to be perfectly honest I'm only happy with one of the images, but I have uploaded a few just to see whether they will grow on me. I'm also gonna look out around where I live and see if I can get a better shot to replace them.
I'm finding it much easier taking photographs for different projects at seperate times rather than starting a new project every week. I've already started on my portrait project, which will probably take more time due to waiting for subjects to be free. I'm hopefully going to be taking more pictures for this particular project next friday.