Saturday, 3 April 2010

11. My Meanings And Their Meanings

I have come up with some ideas on my own but for a few weeks worth of photographs I have been greatly inspired by such photographers as: Nadav Kander, Daido Moriyama, Mario Testino and David Hockney.
Nadav Kander - For a lot of the portraits I have done I have always heavily manipulated them and I saw Kanders images and thought to myself 'I'd really like to do something like this'. The only thing that was slightly different was that none of my subjects wore make-up but some of Nadav Kanders subjects did.
Daido Moriyama - Just like Daido Moriyama tries to show another side to his home, I have tried to show another side to my home.
David Hockney - I tried to do the same thing as Hockney does, where he makes his subject appear to have several hands/feet etc. and I also succeeded at doing this :)
Ed Freeman - Ed Freeman enhances ordinary buildings so that they might be appreciated rather than going unnoticed. In my series of 'My Door To Door' I have tried to the same, except I have not manipulated my images in any way. For example, the image of the blue and yellow doors is a really nice image but I'm sure a lot of people have simply walked by them not taking any notice.

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