Sunday, 28 March 2010

8. Untitled.

Today wasn't very eventful. But I have managed to finish taking all the photographs I need to. I've finished taking my holga film which I will get processed tomorrow and then hopefully scan in on thursday. I also took enough photos to make two other joiners. I'm currently working on the one of Kat and Pepe but I have a feeling that that's gonna take me a while to finish. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow so fingers crossed :)
I thought that seeing as three of my joiners already have people in them I would do another one without any. So I stood in my room and went round and round in a circle taking photographs. I didn't move anything so it is quite messy, but oh well, I'm looking forward to joining it up! Aha, anyway the other one I did in my living room. No idea how that will turn out. I'm planning on starting and finishing these on wednesday. And, in the future I would be very interested in doing joiners again, maybe even for a whole project. It's kinda like making one big jigsaw puzzle.

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