Thursday, 18 March 2010

5. It's been over a week.

Since I posted something here.
As the photos go I'm actually up to date still, but I really need to write about them. And write stuff about the meanings...For my portrait week I have asked all my models to not come wearing make-up. I'm like, going for that whole natural look rather than a great big beauty fest. I also have only got rid of really bad spots. I've left moles and all that jazz. It's just, spots aren't great. Besides, they come and go so it's not like I'm getting rid of anything that's permanent. I haven't dressed them up, they have all come wearing whatever they felt like putting on that morning. I also haven't used a white background for any of my subjects. I am planning on continuing this when I do another shoot over the weekend. I just felt like a change.

We've also started doing joiners. Since I did photography last year I have already been introduced to them, and I might even upload the one I did for AS. (That's if I can find it). Because I didn't really enjoy it the last time, I wasn't very keen on the idea of doing it again but I did it again anyway and have found that I really enjoyed putting it together. So...think I've found something else to do for a week.

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